Crop protection products in the crosshairs

Health and environmental concerns prompted regulatory action

Britt E. Erickson

EPA concluded in a draft assessment that the triazine herbicide, widely used on corn, poses a health risk to many plants and animals. The agency is expected to make a final decision about atrazine before the end of the year.



EPA proposed twice this year to revoke all food tolerances for the organophosphate insecticide amid pushback from pesticide makers. The agency is under a court ordered deadline to make a final decision by March 31, 2017.



EPA approved a lower-volatility version of Monsanto’s dicamba herbicide for use on genetically modified soybeans after Midwestern farmers complained about drift from alleged illegal spraying of older dicamba formulations.



The European Union chose to allow the use of glyphosate until at least the end of 2017 despite opposition from some member countries that want to ban the herbicide because of health concerns. Meanwhile, EPA approved the herbicide Enlist Duo—a combination of glyphosate and 2,4-D—for use on genetically engineered corn and soybeans in more than a dozen U.S. states.




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